This is the unit that carries out with the washing and drying of the pans from which the cakes are extracted. • The pan washing machine is of horizontal type.
• The chains used in the washing and the drying system are stainless CrNi chains • All chassis, bodies and supports, slides and fittings are made of Cr-Ni 304 type stainless material • Bearings in the washing unit are stainless • The chain carrying the pans is stainless and of narrow type • To prevent mildew and fungus formation a water of 50-60°C temperature is used. The heat required for this system is provided through steam. • There are 2 blowers used to expel the steam in the machine installed on the washing and drying system. A chimney system can also be added to expel steam from this environment • The water circulation is carried out with 2 pump units of 11 kW power. The required water for the system needs to be treated • The washing system regardless of changes of pan shapes enhances a homogeneous and stabile washing • The pans while in the drying unit are dried with 6 chromium blowers of high volume from top and down • The washing and drying machine is completely different from a conventional plant structure and therefore does not need mechanical turning units before wash and after dry. In this working method any deformation on the pan coatings is also avoided.