To easily evacuate the cake pans and to avoid the cake sticking the pans need to be oiled. In this unit which is the first phase of cake production process a proper and well distributed oil spray into the cake holes is absolutely essential. Meantime, in order not to see any extra oil consumption and burning, oil overflow out of the holes need to be avoided as well.
• The pan should be chosen according to the pan installation for an efficient oiling • Air and oil rates can be set accordingly • Spray is done following a warning from the sensor at each hole by being mixed with the air • A stainless CrNi steel heated oil pan is also available • The oil flow rate can be separately or together set in the system • The oiling system is taken into a cabin • The recycling of whirled oil is made by the steam absorption system and the particle filter • The oiling system is not fixed on on the conveyor unit,instead it is individually manufactured onto a separate chassis