Packaging Machine will have a capacity of 400 rpm for cake. For enrobed products the ambient temperature must be +20° C.
• 4 groups longitudinal sealing with disc (1 drawing,2 sealing,1 directing) • A dissolver roll driven with servo motor driven for precise paper control • Special, modular jaw group changeable according to the product and packing material • A distinctive design which allows the operator interventions from both sides offering a hygiene and ergonomic working environment. • All driving and moving systems and power board; they are all installed in the process line with insulation. • Designed for easy belt interchange and aligning works • Thanks to the scales all settings are done easily and in repeatable way • On all belts there are steel blades which can be mechanically set. • Thanks to the removable rolls an easier cleaning is provided. • There are stainless steel pans beneath the conveyors. • Maintenance and cleaning is easy and fast. • It provides fast transition for different dimensions and shapes. • Automatic cellophane transfer is available. • All parts in contact with the product are stainless steel. • 3 Dimensional product control is available and non-conform products are excluded from the system. • Empty/double/attached packages are excluded.
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