The products spread on a conveyor in rows or unevenly are divided into separate lines with the help of guides placed on the belts under a specific angle. Thereafter the products are gathered in rows thanks to the driven belts installed with a certain angle. The product rows in lines, are transferred to the main belt carrying products to the packaging machines which also contains a lot of directing sections Distribution-feeding system is generally used for products coming from filling or enrobing lines This system divides the product flow in line with the number of machines which need to be fed. This is made by increasing the speed of belts which are equipped with plates on which fixed dividers are placed. The products then are transferred vertically to a faster belt located onto the motor driven belts. This enables a distribution of products coming in rows according to the related machine
• Modular design, assembly according to the special customer requirements • Easy aftersales service and safety • Open and hygiene, chassis type structure • Easier and faster belt change • Solid structure
• Polyurethane belt material conforming to food sanitary regulations • Single type belt drums to reduce different part numbers • All components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304 • At each belt cross section stainless steel pans.
• Working in communication with the packaging machine