This is the machine used to enrobe with chocolate all products available in the snack food category. The machine can carry out top or bottom enrobing. It is designed to provide a precise and equal enrobing. The body is made of 304 type stainless steel.
• Belt width is 1000-1500 mm. Belt is made of stainless steel wire. • Suitable to work with cocolin and real chocolate. • All chocolate temperatures, machine speeds are controlled through PLC touchscreen. • The cabin is heat controlled. • Possibility to set the bottom enrobing at a desired thickness. • Deburring unit is 0,25 kw 2800 rpm equipped with speed control. • A blower with flowrate and height adjusting mechanism setting the top enrobing thickness is also available. • The blower speed can be changed with a separate speed control unit and the number of revolutions can be set from touchscreen. • The air temperature coming from the blower is kept under control with a precision of +/- 0.2 °C. • The stirring equipment of chocolate bin is driven by pneumatics. • The temperature control system for jacket water is available.
• Real chocolate enrobing, • Removable lower bin, • Dual waterfalls in high speed working requirements • Decorator in the bin, • Decorator at the outlet, • The mechanical reversing up/down at the enrobing outlet,