These are the conveyor where the cakes coming out of the oven are cooled. They can contain some 90 degrees and 180 degrees turning components. It can be carried from the ceiling when needed. Some criteria like the product flow rate, the packaging or coating temperature, the production ambient temperature have an impact on its length. The cake requires approximately 30 minutes for cooling down depending on the type of product. •
• The upper sheet structure of the cooling conveyor is of AISI 304 type stainless steel. The overall chassis and engine, blade connection equipment are all coated with galvanize and electrostatic paint. The conveyor belts can also be made of chromium • The belts used are polyurethane and conform to food sanitary regulations • The belt drums are rubber coated of 10mm. • To avoid slippage belts are controlled through sensors and pistons linked to the automation system.